Apple's Face ID patent. Pacemakers for armpits. Smart trash cans. 
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Uber Strategy Teardown: The Giant Looks To An Autonomous Future, Food Delivery, And Tighter Financial Discipline
The $68B gorilla continues to expand globally in places like India and Brazil and is still chasing autonomous driving. However, it will have to stem its losses ahead of an eventual IPO, which may lead to rollbacks in contested regions like Southeast Asia.

What Apple’s Patents In AR, AI, And Facial Recognition Mean For Future iPhones
We analyzed Apple's patents and came across several notable new patents in augmented reality, flexible displays, and computer vision.

Kid Planet: 55+ Global Startups Focused On Babies & Children
China is a strong international force in the baby and kids tech space, boasting more $100M+ mega-deals than any other country.

Your Next Pacemaker Might Be Implanted In … Your Armpit
A new pacemaker the size of a dime has the potential to reduce risks and complications by combining a wireless form factor with a battery-less circuit board.

How The Wealthiest People In Southeast Asia Are Investing In Tech
Some of the wealthiest and most powerful individuals in Southeast Asia — including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines — are making big bets on the region's tech startups.

Sniffing Fridges & Smart Trash Cans? Amazon & Walmart Look To Connected Appliances To Track Shoppers
Recent patent applications show Amazon and Walmart looking into connected refrigerators and trash cans that can sense spoiled food or discarded products, which could help the retailers automatically ship new products to shoppers

An Alexa With Arms: Robots That Understand Human Speech And Instruction Are Coming
A new innovation from MIT helps robots understand and respond to voice commands – putting us one step closer to an Alexa with arms.

AI-Driven Facial Recognition Is Coming And Brings Big Ethics And Privacy Concerns
"Disguised face identification" technology could make staying anonymous in public a bigger challenge (and make it easier to digitally unmask dissenters).

Leveling Up: Deals To eSports Startups On Track For 4th Annual High
Startups focused on gaming platforms, fantasy sports, competitive gaming, and more are attracting increasing investor attention.

Can Broken Bones Heal Themselves? Microbubbles, Sound And Gene Therapy May Be The Answer
Invasive bone grafts may be on the way out: A new gene therapy procedure using gas-filled microbubbles healed fractures in just 8 weeks.

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