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Killing Strategy: The Disruption Of Management Consulting
Since former Boston Consulting Group consultant Clayton Christensen first used the words "disruptive innovation" in 1995, nimble startups have challenged incumbents in every field from music to manufacturing.

Has The Market Stopped Making New Unicorns? Not Really
Emerging sectors like crypto might be redefining tech's nomenclature and creating a new breed of unicorns.

This Secretive German Firm Is Consolidating The US Coffee Industry
JAB Holding has acquired a number of coffee chains and most recently has expanded to baked goods and sandwiches, with its latest acquisition of Pret A Manger for $1.99B.

The United States Of Startups: The Most Well-Funded Tech Startup In Every US State
Our map infographic shows the top tech startups in every US state, as determined by funding totals. Companies include Magic Leap, DraftKings, and Vox.

The State of Innovation
The CB Insights' State of Innovation report surveyed 677 corporate strategy leaders globally to provide a first-ever data-driven understanding of corporate innovation and the characteristics of great innovators.

33 Industries Other Than Auto That Driverless Cars Could Turn Upside Down
Fast food, real estate, military operations, even home improvement — many large industries will have to shift their strategies in the wake of driverless cars.

Insurance Tech Q1 2018
This report takes a data-driven look at global insurance tech trends, with a focus on capital providers including traditional VCs and incumbent funds.

How Sephora Built A Beauty Empire To Survive The Retail Apocalypse
Sephora has captured the hearts of millions of beauty shoppers and is aggressively expanding across the globe. We dive into how Sephora has succeeded in today's merciless retail climate, highlighting key lessons for retailers.

133 Of The Biggest, Costliest Startup Failures Of All Time
From financial fraud to just running out money, we scanned our database to identify 133 of the most expensive startup flameouts in history.

From A Help Center To A Coffee Bot, Here’s What We Dreamed Up For CB Insights’ 6th Hack Day
Projects included a new kind of podcast, the Dewey Decimal System for dealmaking, Collections onboarding, and more.

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