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And now, here are this week's top briefs.

Amazon Strategy Teardown: Amazon’s Barreling Into Physical Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, And AI-Led Computing
Seattle-based Amazon is doubling down on AI for AWS and the ecosystem around its AI assistant, Alexa. It's seeking to become the central provider for AI-as-a-service. But it's not leaving retail behind either, running grocery, book, and convenience stores across the US.

The United States Of Cybersecurity: The Most Well-Funded Cybersecurity Startup In Every US State
Our infographic highlights the top cybersecurity startup by funding in each state, including two unicorns — California's Tanium and Michigan's Duo Security.

The Future Of Fashion: From Design To Merchandising, How Tech Is Reshaping The Industry
A look at the evolution of the fashion industry and where technology is taking it next, from AR/VR dressing rooms to temperature-changing fabrics and beyond. 

The Race For AI: Google, Intel, Apple In A Rush To Grab Artificial Intelligence Startups
Around 42% of the AI companies acquired since 2013 have had VC backing.

Amazon Vs. Alibaba: How The E-Commerce Giants Stack Up In The Fight To Go Global
India, Australia, and Singapore are becoming key battlegrounds for Amazon and Alibaba.

Is Walmart Moving Into Farming?
Walmart is applying for a range of patents using drones to automate farming. The move could support its grocery business and give the giant greater control over its supply chain.

The Most Active Corporate VC Firms Globally
186 newly active CVC arms invested throughout 2017. In total, 546 CVCs placed bets, with GV taking the top spot followed by Intel Capital.

CRISPR. What is it? And why is the scientific community so fascinated by its potential applications? Starting with its definition, we explain how this technology harnesses an ancient bacteria-based defense system — and how it will impact the world around us today.

Gun Tech: Startups Working To Make Firearms Smarter And Safer
Smart gun technologies range from fingerprint-enabled gun locks, to smart gun storage devices, to enhanced guns that alert owners when they are moved.

19 Corporations Working On Blockchain And Distributed Ledgers
Blockchains and distributed ledgers are being piloted by organizations from Walmart to Goldman Sachs to Maersk. We take a look at how the technology will be implemented. We also look at how a few governments and non-profits are using the tech.

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