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Venture Capital Funding Report 2017
PricewaterhouseCoopers and CB Insights' 2017 MoneyTree report highlights the latest trends in venture capital funding globally.

Car ownership models are shifting. The race to become an AI powerhouse is under way. Fitness is going gym-less. And pets are becoming tech-enabled. We look at the trends poised to reshape industries in 2018.

When Is It Okay To Be Critical Of Startup Founders? The Walkie-Talkie Magic Matrix Can Help
It can be hard to know when it's ok to be critical of a startup founder. The Walkie-Talkie Magic Matrix provide a handy 2x2 framework to help you know when it's okay and when it's not.

Where Big Pharma Giants And Their Venture Arms Are Investing In Cancer Therapeutics
Celgene and Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund are two standout corporate investors ramping up their cancer therapeutics portfolios.

7 Startups Combating ‘Fake News’
Solutions include AI-powered fact-checking and blockchain-backed content distribution.

Charcoal, Mushroom, And Other Natural Ingredients Are Powering Next-Gen Beauty Routines
We analyzed startups that have raised funding since 2016 to identify 15 ancient and new-age ingredients that are trending in the beauty world.

Walmart’s Been On A Buying Spree. Which Company Could It Acquire Next?
Since the retail giant announced plans to continue acquiring startups, we took a data-driven look at 11 possible contenders.

Microsoft Patents 'Mind Control' For Apps
Sensor-equipped headbands could leverage neurological data to allow users to open and operate apps with their thoughts, no gestures required.

Tracking Artificial Intelligence Hype: Many More Companies Are Using ‘.ai’ In Their URL
2017 set a record for first financings to ".ai" companies.

Walmart Patent Aims To Solve The Biggest Obstacle To Online Grocery Shopping
The retail giant's latest patent details a system for shoppers to see 3D renderings of their fresh items online prior to purchasing them for delivery or pick-up.

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