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Were you in New York to see our Future of Fintech conference live?

If not, the next best thing is to register for Future of Fintech 2020 pronto, and the next best after that is to dive into our fintech research

Below are a few of the most popular fintech research hits year-to-date.

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Traffic congestion is a huge, expensive problem in cities around the world, and public transportation can no longer keep up with population growth.

Now many urbanites are seeing an explosion of bike- and scooter-sharing through startups like Bird, Lime, and Ofo.

We analyze how micromobility is transforming urban transportation around the world, leaders in the space, challenges, and more.

You could be next

Amazon is making moves in retail.

We analyzed its recent acquisitions, investments, and patent activity to unpack where it's going in discovery, shopping, and fulfillment — and how brands can prepare.

Check out the highlights of the report here. If you're a client, you can get the full report here

 Give it a whirl

Modular construction startup Katerra is moving towards a fully integrated construction platform, hoping to cut construction cost and time.

Expert Intelligence clients can read more about it here.

The earth is so hot right now

Pollution and waste are huge problems in the fashion industry. If nothing changes, it could consume a quarter of the world's carbon budget by 2050.

But with rising consumer demand for sustainable products and new innovations in technology, companies in the space are taking steps to become more eco-friendly. We take a closer look here.

 The Uber of weed

San Francisco-based Eaze connects consumers with licensed retailers to facilitate on-demand delivery of legal cannabis.

We take a look at the startup's business model, funding history, customer acquisition strategy, and more. Clients can read all about it here.

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This week in data:

  • 6,000+ dogs: Amazon topped a list of the most dog friendly companies in America, compiled by dog walking startup Rover. The tech giant’s HQ has a dog park and dedicated deck for the 6,000 dogs registered with the company by employees, with a reported 500 dogs coming into the office on an average day.
  • 361: Three new startups have reached $1B+ valuations. South Korean hotel-booking platform Yanolja, cybersecurity company KnowBe4, and battery maker Northvolt all became unicorns after their most recent funding rounds. See which industry boasts the most unicorns with our market map featuring all 361 $1B+ private companies.

  • $15.7B: Salesforce is set to acquire data visualization platform Tableau in an all-stock deal, trading 1.103 Salesforce shares for each Tableau stock — valuing Tableau at around $15.7B. Salesforce indicated that it was planning to apply Tableau’s features to its data-heavy CRM platform. 
  • +2 years: Chinese tech giant Huawei is reportedly working with automakers, such as Audi, to develop a self-driving car. The company stated it wanted to release its vehicle in 2021, targeting the European and Chinese markets. We took a look at the tech needed to make autonomous vehicles work and the companies driving it forward.

  • 333 slides: Mary Meeker has released her latest internet trends report in a 333 slide deck. The report, an annual fixture since 1995, covers topics such as internet ad spending, e-commerce growth, and the amount of people online. Mary Meeker, who runs VC Bond and was formerly a partner at Kleiner Perkins, was No. 8 in our list of top 20 VCs — see who else made the rankings here.

  • 10 years: A draft bill in India could see the country toughen up its laws against cryptocurrency. If passed, those using cryptocurrency could reportedly face up to 10 years in prison. Cryptocurrencies are based upon blockchain technology, but its applications go far beyond digital money. Here are 55 industries that could be affected by the tech.

  • +0: The UK government has announced plans to reduce the country’s carbon emissions to “net zero” by 2050. The commitment increases the UK’s previous 2050 target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions.
  • $35K per night: NASA has announced that it will open up the International Space Station to private individuals, potentially by 2020. The space agency is set to charge around $35,000 per night on board and stated that it will limit the scheme to 2 tourist visits per year. Private visitors will also need to pay for transport from a company such as SpaceX, which could reportedly cost $52M.
One more thing...

Marcus Vinicius Morais de Oliveira via Atlas Obscura

Pantaneiro cows have perfectly evolved to their harsh home in Pantanal, a tropical wetland spanning Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

But the breed is facing extinction. Farmers keep them in small herds because they produce less meat than Nelore cows, which are not as well adapted to the area.

Currently, only there are only about 500 Pantaneiro specimens remaining. Dr. Sergio Dani, a geneticist, has a plan to save them: cheese.

The Bioma Cheese Project aims to commercialize Nicola, the cheese made from the Pantaneiro's milk. Dr. Dani believes if the demand is great enough, the species can be saved.

Once again, cheese comes to the rescue.
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