Lyft's $1B. The future of meat. Mini-gyms in China.

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You Lyft me up

Today, Lyft announced that Alphabet's investment arm CapitalG is leading a $1B financing round into the ride-hailing startup. The round brings the company's total disclosed funding to $3.46B.

In 2014, Lyft offered to merge with ride-hailing giant Uber for a share in the combined company. In 2016, Lyft again sought to sell itself to Uber to no avail, according to the New York Times. Following Uber's recent struggles, though, Lyft's prospects are looking stronger.

We talk about this and more in our recent Uber Strategy Teardown.

The future of meat

China issued dietary guidelines last year that aim to reduce meat consumption by 50% by 2030. The guidelines seek to improve public health.

A side benefit of this may also be to the environment.

Globally, reports suggest almost 15% of planet-warming emissions come from livestock — more, in fact, than the transport sector.  

With meat viewed as a dietary hazard and greenhouse gas culprit, it's not surprising to see a host of companies developing meat replacements.

And as these companies catch on, companies such as Tyson Foods, Hormel, Industrias Bachoco, Pilgrim's Pride, and Sanderson Farms, among others, should all be worried.

Among the new hot entrants is Impossible Foods, backed by Bill Gates and Singapore's sovereign wealth fund Temasek. Its meatless burger is said to taste like meat, and it even "bleeds." And it is now rumored to be working on doing for fish what it's done for burgers.

We're excited to have David Lee, the COO of Impossible Foods, joining us at the A Ha! Conference.

Rumor has it he may bring samples.

Join us at A Ha! Get $500 today if you use the code plantblood. Just go here.

The bad graph that started it all

This is still one of my favorite Venn diagrams ever by Thomson Reuters.

It's rare to find such honesty in corporate America. Kudos to TR.

Future fitness

Startups like Misspao, LePao, Douba, and others have rolled out 24-hour public gym pods that offer basic fitness equipment available on-demand – making mini-gyms the latest entrant to China’s so-called sharing economy.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Bloomberg. Brian Womack (@brianwomack) and Alex Barinka (@alexbarinka) write about Apttus' IPO plans and reference CB Insights valuation data.

Forbes. Paul Armstrong (@paul_armstrong) digs into real estate tech startups and cites CB Insights investment data.

Business Insider. A look at UK fintech funding in Q3'17 with a reference to data found in the CB Insights Q3'17 Fintech Report.

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P.S. Join us as we dive into the state of eSports next week. Sign up for the briefing here.

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