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Our newest bracket asks a 'simple' question

If you had to invest in a company and hold for 10 years, which company would you invest in?

The early results are proving interesting with the following really close matchups:

  • Walmart vs Starbucks
  • Slack vs Verizon
  • Uber vs American Express
  • Intel vs Palantir

Vote in round 1 by November 19th here. And don't forget to submit your bracket by then for a chance to win a drone. The winner will be the first person to submit the bracket closest to the final results.

As expected, WeWork is vertically integrating

WeWork, the 8th most valuable unicorn globally, just invested in a wave pool maker.

This was an obvious move for the office rental company.

In talking with our sources, we have heard WeWork is also looking at:

  • Raising a billion dollars for an M&A rollup of miniature golf courses
  • A hostile takeover of Chuck E. Cheese's

2018 game changers

We just released our 70-page Game Changers 2018 report, which looks at emerging trends to watch and high-momentum startups with world-changing potential.

We dive into 10 sectors and 30 companies, ranging from startups focused on engineering organs and creating lab-grown animal products to developing processing units for AI applications and automating construction.

Get the report.

Check it out, check it out

A-ha!’s agenda is up on the site.

It’s a jaw-dropping list of founders, savvy CEOs, and trend-setting investors. They’re driving the future in retail, mobility, health, social media, and more.

Buy your tickets today. Only 37 left. Should be sold out by Thanksgiving.

Group tickets for $1990 or save $500 off your ticket with discount code last37.

Best VC bets. Ever.

We analyzed 21 of the biggest VC hits of all time — all of which are in the top 35 venture exits of all time — to learn more about what those home runs have in common.

Some takeaways:

  • WhatsApp decided early on to work only with a single investor, Sequoia Capital, which invested a total of $60M into the company for a massive $3B return.
  • Facebook’s exponential growth resulted in huge successes for early investors like Accel Partners.
  • Groupon pivoted from a social activism platform to a local deals aggregator, and generated huge returns for co-founder, chairman, and biggest shareholder Eric Lefkofsky.
Read our 13,600+ word analysis here.

More consultant gibberish

This is a great consultant hack.

Take random things and turn them into a calc.

It makes it look science'y.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

BevNET. A breakdown of CB Insights' research briefing on startups shaping the future of food.

The Times of Israel. Shoshanna Solomon writes about Mercedes-Benz's new tech hub in Tel Aviv and cites CB Insights investment data.

Silicon Republic. John Kennedy (@mrjohnfkennedy) writes about Pearse Lyons' global agtech accelerator and references CB Insights' agtech market map.

I love you.


P.S. We'll be mapping out the state of travel tech on November 28th. Be there.

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