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Jim Chanos, who has been short-selling Tesla since the fall of 2015 (ouch), believes that frauds often get exposed at the end of great financial cycles.

More on the LeBron James of short-selling in The Blurb.

Elon, you're disrupting the class

Whether Elon Musk is working on electric vehicles or sending rockets into space, he has no problem getting media attention.

But hype aside, his main projects aim to tackle virtually every major industry and global issue. 

From energy to transportation to telecommunications, we explore how Musk's companies are — or are not — transforming their respective industries.

And doggone it, people like me

Ever wonder (worry about) what people think of you when they meet you?

Well, the good news is that it’s probably more favorable than you think.

Check out the results of a study by researchers at Cornell in The Blurb.

Lab results

As technology transforms the healthcare industry, companies, universities, and hospitals are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve.

From Cardinal Health to Johnson & Johnson to Pfizer, we take a look at 18 healthcare innovation labs.

 Bumper to bumper

Smart cities are a hot topic these days, but it's not all glitz and glamour. Before they can be fully realized, a number of unsexy issues like traffic congestion have to be tackled.

Traffic in smart cities is getting more media attention, and for good reason — the traffic optimization market is projected to hit $38.2B by 2022. We discussed this in today's client note. Clients can read it here.


Cape Town, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates are facing massive water shortages.

A group of folks think delivering icebergs to the regions might be a solution.

Yes. Really.

Learn more about the iceberg heist in The Blurb.

Don't hassle me, I'm local

Retailers are tailoring their product offerings to meet the needs of their local communities. This summer, for example, Nike unveiled its brick-and-mortar Nike by Melrose venture in LA.

There's a lot to be gained — 63% of consumers are interested in personalized recommendations from retailers.

From neighborhood-specific inventory at Target to Adidas' city-specific running shoes, we examine how brands are working to give the locals what they want.

 Blockchain for your health

The healthcare industry has unique challenges in digitizing records and tracking patients in real time. Blockchain could be just what the doctor ordered.

We take a look at 7 startups working to bring the technology to healthcare. Clients can check them out here.

New unicorn alert

Indian budget hotel startup OYO is now valued at $5B after raising $1B yesterday in a round led by SoftBank. This is the second-largest deal in accommodation booking, and the largest travel tech deal in 2018 so far.

We take a closer look at the new unicorn here.

Looking for the perfect partner?

At TRANSFORM (December 4-5, NYC), Mastercard's SVP of digital future Kiki Del Valle will share her insights on how to execute effective partnerships.

Packed with focused how-to conversations with executives from top companies, TRANSFORM is your guidebook to successful growth strategy.

We added a few more $500 discounts on single tickets since we have so many loyal readers. Use code 500K by EOD. Prices go up October 1.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Forbes. Gemma Milne (@gemmamilne) writes about how startup is working to protect and productize DNA and refers to CB Insights research.

CNBC. Saheli Roy Choudhury (@sahlirc) discusses the antitrust fine imposed on Grab and Uber and cites CB Insights data.

Entrepreneur. Andrew Medal (@andrewmedal) discusses four industries being disrupted by AI and references CB Insights research.

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P.S. Tomorrow we'll be discussing blockchain in healthcare. Register for the briefing here.

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Shadow economy. Many luxury clothing brands are assembled by home workers who don’t have contracts or insurance.
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There’s a disconnect. Research shows that many college environments subtly and unintentionally discriminate against disadvantaged students.
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