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Catching a flight back to NYC with a garbage Wi-Fi connection, so going to get to the good stuff quickly today. 

Buckle up 

We just put out our massive 14,000+ word deep dive on 9 of the biggest direct-to-consumer success stories, from Soylent and Casper to Dollar Shave Club and Warby Parker, and analyzed the strategies behind these companies' growth. 

Casper, for example, has done a lot of work setting up search-specific landing pages and funneling AdWords money into the site to elevate itself above its rivals.

Mortage tech 101 

Despite the size of the mortgage sector, the space still hasn’t digitized — and given the profitability of the industry, mortgages are becoming a prime target for tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Cash money 

CB Insights has grown 8X in the past three years — and we managed to do this without burning money, all while maintaining our amazing culture.

Know someone who wants to come along for the ride? We started our first external referral program. Send us your friends and we will pay you cash. 

New year new newsletter 

In January, we're launching our CPG Insights newsletter. 

From food & beverage to beauty tech, CPG Insights will be a weekly newsletter highlighting the startups, technologies, and business trends shaping the future of consumer packaged goods.

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The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Wall Street Journal. Li Yuan (@LiYuan6) on Chinese tech startup funding trends, with a reference to CB Insights funding and unicorn data.

Bloomberg. Gerrit De Vynck (@GerritD) reports on Squarespace's latest funding round and mentions CB Insights valuation data. 

Fast Company. A look at former Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya's conversation onstage at the CB Insights A-ha! Conference. 

LinkedIn. LinkedIn released its annual "Top Voices in Retail" list, with CB Insights CPG analyst Zoe Levitt (@zoe_leavitt) at #1. 

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P.S. Don't forget to vote in our bracket, which asks: what is the best company to invest in and hold for 10 years? Polls close Sunday. 

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Searching. Google recently released its Year in Searches 2017, which highlights the year's top search trends, from Bitcoin and the iPhone X to "Despacito" and Stranger Things

Don't do a thing. ICOs without working projects do the best in their first month of trading, while coin sales with testable projects flounder.

Rest in infamy. Here are some of the most spectacular startup flameouts of 2017 (with a reference to CB Insights' startup post-mortems). 

Love 3.0. Bérénice Magistretti (@BMagistretti) on how technology is changing our definitions of love, sex, and relationships. 

Biofund. Two years after announcing its first $200M biofund, Andreessen Horowitz's has announced a second fund, worth $450M. 

Meow. Meet the software designer from Austin, Texas who has made more money trading online CryptoKitties than he has with his IRA. 
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