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Is this art?

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In yesterday’s newsletter, I mentioned Warren Buffett’s comments about Elon Musk and Tesla getting into car insurance.  

Of course, those who pray at the altar of Elon were upset by my paraphrasing of Buffett’s comments. #snowflakes

Scooter revolution

Traffic congestion is a huge — and expensive — problem in cities around the world, and public transportation can no longer keep up with population growth.

Now many urbanites are seeing an explosion of bike- and scooter-sharing through startups like Bird, Lime, and Ofo.

We take a look at how micromobility is shaking up urban transportation around the world, leaders in the space, challenges, and more.

And now, let’s talk about dookie

A museum dedicated to the fun side of poo has opened for a limited run in the Japanese city of Yokohama.

The Unko Museum has several interactive exhibits, including a ball pit around a giant poop-shaped sculpture and poop-themed games.

So when will the Smithsionian heed our call for an exhibit on pooptech?

Put a pin in this

Pinterest went public last month at $19 a share, above its initial guidance of $15 to $17. It's now trading above the $25 mark — a $7+ per share increase from its last funding round in June 2017.

For early investors, the IPO could mean a massive return on investment. We take a look at how much its top investors' stakes are worth.


Though research has advanced over the years, the brain is still mysterious. Alzheimer's disease, for example, affects around 5.7M Americans, but its causes are still unknown.

Researchers are determined to crack the brain's code, and several new technologies have emerged to help. 

We analyze the current state of brain research, the startups and innovations shaping the area, and more. Clients can read it here.

Tinder for fintech

We'll be releasing our 1:1 networking app to all attendees of the Future of Fintech (June 11-13, NYC) next week.

We have a full floor dedicated to 1:1 meetings this year and expect thousands of great connections will be made.

Here are some cool stats from last year’s event: 

  • Top interests of attendees: AI, banking, & payments
  • #1 reason for meeting: Partnerships
  • Percentage of meetings booked pre-event: 52%
  • Most requested companies: JP Morgan, CreditEase, Square, DCM Ventures, & Mayfield
  • Average number of meetings scheduled: 10
  • Highest number of meetings held by a single attendee: 21

Register today and save $500 with code tinderforfintech.

Nah, I'm cool

Teenagers aren't driving as much as they used to. The number of 16-year-olds getting their licenses has dropped by almost half since the 1980s.

We take a look at what's driving the trend and how it's affecting the auto insurance market. Read about it here.

Wall Street Journal

 As an alternative

Alternative lending has gone mainstream. Fintech startups issued 38% of all US personal loans in 2018, while banks provided 28%, and 21% came from credit unions.

From point-of-sale to payday alternatives to lending-as-a-service, we mapped out 140+ fintech startups going after traditional lenders. Expert Intelligence clients can see them all here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Wall Street Journal. Peter Rudegeair (@rudegeair) and Leslie Scism (@lesliescism) report that Health IQ is now valued at $450M and reference CB Insights’ Global Fintech Report.

Fortune. Polina Marinova (@polina_marinova) highlights CB Insights’ Unicorn Hunters report in today’s Fortune Term Sheet.

Morning Brew. The newsletter discusses Facebook’s blockchain venture and references CB Insights’ research.

I love you.


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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

$top@lready123. New authentication technology is killing the digital password.
Fast Company

The only thing we have to fear. Violent crime in the US is at its lowest rate in decades, but crime-reporting social media apps are contributing to the false idea that danger is on the rise.

On and on and on. Researchers at Berkeley Lab say they have developed a new type of plastic that can be endlessly recycled.

Gotta catch ‘em all. People who played Pokemon as kids have an area of their brain that is more responsive to cartoon characters than other pictures.
The Verge

Pour one out. Here’s what we can learn from failed social robots.
IEEE Spectrum
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