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It's a lifestyle

The $3.7T global wellness economy is exploding, and it's not just affecting food and personal care.

Wellness is transforming everything from how gyms operate to the way retailers design clothing to how smart cities are designed. 

We take a look at the factors contributing to the rise of the wellness industry and the top 10 areas for wellness initiatives.

Trade war impact

Last week, CB Insights almost lost a deal with a Chinese company because of the intensifying trade war chatter between the US and China.

This was a first for us.

Of course, public company execs have had this on the brain a lot more recently. We mined earnings calls to see what public company execs are saying about tariffs and the looming trade war here.


Walmart wants to make shopping less stressful.

The company's recently published patent application describes equipping shopping cart handles with the ability to monitor shoppers' temperature and heart rate to detect when they might need help.

Check out our full patent analysis here.


Google: 0, CB Insights: 1

 Let's play a game

The $120B gaming industry has been buoyed by investments from video game publishers like Tencent and Activision Blizzard, as well as hardware incumbents like Sony and Microsoft.

But Unity Technologies and the Unreal Engine, two lesser-known organizations, are playing a key role in driving the industry forward.

We take a closer look at both companies and their monetization models. Clients can check it out here.

America’s sweethearts

Last week, we highlighted that Taco Bell was voted the best Mexican restaurant in the US. One of our subscribers wrote in and explained the trick that marketing researchers use to make this kind of thing happen.

We thought the response was enlightening, so with the subscriber’s permission, we posted it here.

Get fit or get out

John Hancock Insurance partnered with Vitality Group in 2015 to offer policyholders discounts and incentives for hitting exercise targets tracked on wearable devices and logging healthy eating habits.

This week, Hancock announced that it won't issue new life insurance policies without Vitality benefits. We take a closer look at the expansion and how the benefits incentivize users here

How dumb are we?

TIL vampire facials are a thing.

The treatment involves taking the client’s blood and reinjecting the plasma back into their face.

The spa in Albuquerque that offers the facial is currently under investigation because its owner is not a medical professional.

Spa visitors who’ve had the vampire facial are being advised to get tested for HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

 VR, are you ok?

Public company execs are talking less about VR on earnings calls in recent quarters, and the technology's media attention has dropped since its 2017 spike.

But VR development is still moving forward. We looked at the top VR patent players in yesterday's client-only note. Clients can read it here.

Thanks a (half) million

In honor of our 500,000+ subscribers, we’re offering five readers $500 off a single ticket to TRANSFORM (Dec 4-5, NYC) with code 500K.

This is first-come, first-serve, and your best chance to join 300+ peers to learn and discuss the biggest innovation challenges facing today’s top corporations.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Forbes. Alejandro Cremades (@acremades) breaks down how angel investors and angel groups work and references CB Insights research.

Bloomberg. Lizette Chapman (@lizette_chapman) writes about Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ future without partner Mary Meeker and refers to PwC and CB Insights’ MoneyTree Report.

American Shipper. Chris Dupin reports that funding to maritime shipping startups has increased significantly over the last few years and cites CB Insights research.

I love you.


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The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

Edward Cullen’s skincare. A spa in Albuquerque is being investigated for its vampire facials.

Forget what you know. More and more evidence suggests the medical community’s approach to obesity may be deeply misguided.
Huffington Post

Into the woods. Apple is investing in a Colombian mangrove forest.
Fast Company

The stuff of nightmares. Scientists have discovered a new imaging strategy that lets them capture glowing images of animal skeletons.
The Verge

Baby, baby, baby. Johnson & Johnson is still the top-selling baby line, but millennial parents aren’t buying its prodcuts.

Good news, for once. A new kind of therapy is letting paralyzed people begin to walk again.
Washington Post
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