Palantir's new patents. The bike-share boom. FAMGA on the phone.
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Sh*t Talkers: Corporate America’s Dirtiest Mouths On Earnings Calls
We looked at the data to see which C-suiters are cussing on earnings calls.

Palantir’s New Patents Shed Rare Light On Its Data Methods
Palantir is one of the world's most opaque and influential data companies. We dig into its patents as Facebook's data privacy scandal refocuses media attention on how personal data is used in business and beyond.

WeWork’s $20 Billion Dream: The Lavishly Funded Startup That Could Disrupt Commercial Real Estate
With over $4B in funding, WeWork is expanding aggressively at home and abroad and pursuing diverse investments that have raised eyebrows. But its real-estate-as-a-service offering and trove of data on optimal office design could make the company's value prop far more than a marketing ploy.

The Global Bike-Share Boom: Dockless Models Look To Solve Urban Commutes & Transit Access
Since their introduction in 2015, dockless bike-sharing systems have moved from East to West as they sweep through urban transportation markets.

FAMGA Earnings Call Analysis
An algorithmic analysis of 40 quarters (2008 – 2017) of Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon (FAMGA) earnings call transcripts gives you an insider's view of the markets and products catching their attention.

Companies ‘Pivoting To Blockchain’ See Huge Stock Spikes — But Does The Hype Hold Up?
Public companies often see their stock prices soar dramatically when they announce new blockchain-focused initiatives. But when the hype dies down, how successful are they at sustaining investor interest?

From Alibaba to Zynga: 28 Of The Best VC Bets Of All Time And What We Can Learn From Them
These venture bets on startups that "returned the fund," making firms and careers, were the result of research, strong convictions, and patient follow-through. Here are the stories behind the biggest VC home runs of all time.

Rihanna Vs. Beyoncé Vs. The Kardashians: The Earnings Transcript Analysis You Didn’t Know You Wanted
Which celebrities do public company executives talk the most about? You’re about to find out.

Why A Potential $5B Valuation At IPO For Luxury Unicorn FarFetch May Not Be Crazy After All
Online luxury unicorn FarFetch is getting serious about going public. The online luxury marketplace has generated sales of $200M in 2016 but targets a whopping $5B valuation at IPO, another sign that the online luxury space is heating up.

How Blockchain Could Disrupt Insurance
Insurance giants and startups alike are attempting to use blockchain solutions to prevent insurance fraud, digitally track medical records, and more.

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