Blockchain is coming for banks. Walmart's healthcare ambitions. Top cybersecurity startups.

Whitney Houston was wrong

Hi there,

After reading the below headline from CNBC, I no longer believe the children are our future.

Also, we really don't need experts to know this move is beyond stupid, right?

Would you like that in 10s or Bitcoin?

The Reserve Bank of India has announced that the banks it oversees will no longer be allowed to work with cryptocurrency exchanges. Crypto-backlash from banks is not uncommon — so what do they have to be afraid of?

Short answer: a lot.

From payments to securities to loans and credit, we look at how blockchain technology could disrupt banking.

Lord — the gift that keeps giving

Our April Fools' joke from last year about our new venture fund, ChubbyBrain Ventures, that we highlighted in Monday's newsletter still seems to be fooling folks.

And some of you are taking exception to the following line from the announcement.

First, let me remind you the whole thing about a fund was a joke.

Second, we know diversity is important so if we ever started a fund, we'd never limit it to these 3 schools. We'd open it up to anyone with an Ivy League degree (yes — even Dartmouth).

I don't talk for my health

Walmart is reportedly in acquisition talks with Humana, and may also be eyeing PillPack — but you probably wouldn't guess that from its earnings transcripts.

We tracked mentions of key healthcare terms in Walmart's earnings calls and found that the clues about the company's healthcare ambitions may be in what wasn't said.

How big of you

Many of the disciples of Saint Elon took exception to Tuesday's newsletter on Tesla's bankruptcy. More on this next week after all the haterade is done trickling in.

Whenever people write in saying they're upset with us or that they find a particular analysis facile or unfair, I respond asking if they want me to unsubscribe them.

We know we're not for everyone. It's all good. 

To my unsubscribe request, about 50% never respond. 30% tell me to F off, and 20% respond with something like the below.

Note: I love the 20%.

I'm also hopeful we can turn things around.

Feeling insecure

The city of Atlanta is still recovering two weeks after the cyberattack that hit many computers at City Hall.

In response to the growing threat of cyberattacks, startups across the US are working to boost cybersecurity systems. We rounded up the top private cybersecurity company in each state. Check them out here.

Less work, more money

A number of startups are emerging to help blockchain companies and investors navigate increasingly popular ICOs.

CoinList, for example, is a platform focused on structuring legally compliant ICOs. It has helped blockchain companies such as Filecoin raise $850M+.

Now investment banks are trying to bring the focus on using automation to lessen the fundraising workload into the public market.

See other ways blockchain could affect banking here.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Forbes. Martin Häring (@martinharing) writes about why banks, fintech, and tech companies should collaborate and references CB Insights fintech research.
Bloomberg. The article discusses how Mobike’s founder turned her startup idea into a $3B company and cites CB Insights data.
Retail Tech Innovation Hub. Scott Thompson (@scottthomps74) lists 10 retail tech ventures to watch and refers to CB Insights research

I love you.


P.S. If you missed last week's Future of Telecom webinar, you can get the slides and recording here.

The Blurb

A curated mix of articles worth sharing.

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