Coinbase is slaying. Driverless cars everywhere. AI heat map.
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Partnering with the NYT

Hi there,

For a third consecutive year, we are partnering with The New York Times to rank the top venture capitalists globally. Here is last year's ranking of the top 100 VCs on CB Insights and the top 20 that were featured in the NYT.

You should update your portfolio and board relationships here via The Editor ASAP.

We're looking to add some new elements to the rankings this year, which we detail below as well.


All that glitters is crypto

With $217M in equity financing from some of the biggest-name VCs, membership in the unicorn club, and 13.3 million users, Coinbase is basically slaying.

But its ultimate goal goes beyond helping people buy and sell crypto — it wants to create a new, "open financial system."

VC rankings - what's new?

This year, we're looking to add a few additional VC rankings. Specifically, 
  • top corporate VCs
  • top seed-stage VCs
  • top VCs in Europe and Asia
If you'd like to be considered, please update your portfolio investment, exit, and board data via The Editor here.

Hands off

We might as well accept it — driverless cars are coming, and will likely be widely used in the United States within the next two decades. Major corporates like Google, Apple, and Mercedes Benz are already working on building their own autonomous vehicles.

Tech and auto companies have much to gain in the rise of self-driving cars, but other industries will have to make some big adjustments to avoid becoming roadkill. 

What's that you say, Davos?

The lovely folks of The World Economic Forum issued this graphical travesty in an article titled, "Perfectionism has become a hidden epidemic among young people."

It makes zero sense.

That's hot

AI is everywhere. Funding in the space has consistently increased since 2013, and 2018 has already seen 3 deals adding up to $168M.

Check out which categories are taking off — from enterprise AI to commerce to IoT — with CB Insights' AI deals tracker heat map.

A-ha! moments

Othman Laraki, co-founder and CEO of cancer-testing pioneer Color Genomics, sees his company as a preventative health player that will operate at a population scale.

He sees the genomics field as one that is currently like computing 
a core technology that will have many applications.

In a fireside chat with CNBC’s Chrissy Farr, Othman shared his views on the broader field of genomics and on where Color is heading strategically.

Backstage, he answered questions submitted by CB Insights clients, including the two rules the company follows when it comes to how it handles sensitive private data.

Read the CB Insights take on the session here.

Glimpses into the future

At Future of Fintech 2017, Vladimir Telev, co-founder & CEO of Robinhood, chatted on stage with Fortune’s Jen Wieczner.

The discussion focused on the fintech unicorn hoping "to evolve from a stock-trading app into a financial services firm for every consumer need.”

Last week, Robinhood announced it will soon allow free crypto trading on its app, a step toward that evolution.

Don’t miss the glimpses into the future this year’s Future of Fintech (June 19-21, NYC) speakers offer. Get your ticket before prices go up on Thursday.

The Industry Standard

CB Insights data is the most trusted by those in the industry and the media. A few recent hits.

Entrepreneur. Michelle Deery (@michwriting) profiles the three entrepreneurs who bootstrapped Plenty of Fish, FastSpring, and FreeeUp, and cites PwC and CB Insights’ MoneyTree Report.

Kaplan Herald. Entrepreneur Steve Blank (@sgblank) says the venture capital scene in New York is more diverse than Silicon Valley. The article references CB Insights’ VC funding research.
InsideBIGDATA. Daniel Gutierrez (@amuletanalytics) writes about funding for AI startups and cites CB Insights’ AI research.

Happy Monday.

I love you.


P.S. Submit your data for the NYT-CBI VC rankings via The Editor.

The Blurb

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