An education in tolerance, indulgence and love . . .
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Celebrate Mothering Sunday with Slightly Foxed

No time to bake a simnel cake? Hedgerows short on violets? Give a beautifully packaged gift of good reading instead this Mothering Sunday.

Presents will be wrapped in brown paper, tied up with foxed ribbon, and sent with a hand-written card bearing a handsome wood engraving and a message of your choice. Please read on for a few gift suggestions. 

But first, to put mothers foremost in our minds, we offer up Gerald Durrell’s tribute to his own from the foreword to My Family & Other Animals, a woman perfectly described as ‘an education in tolerance, indulgence and love’ by Simon Barnes in his introduction to our new edition.

. . . I should like to pay a special tribute to my mother, to whom this book is dedicated. Like a gentle, enthusiastic and understanding Noah, she has steered her vessel full of strange progeny through the stormy seas of life with great skill, always faced with the possibility of mutiny, always surrounded by the dangerous shoals of overdraft and extravagance, never being sure that her navigation would be approved by the crew, but certain that she would be blamed for anything that went wrong. That she survived the voyage is a miracle, but survive it she did, and, moreover, with her reason more or less intact.

As my brother Larry rightly points out, we can be proud of the way we have brought her up; she is a credit to us. That she has reached that happy Nirvana where nothing shocks or startles is exemplified by the fact that one weekend recently, when all alone in the house, she was treated to the sudden arrival of a series of crates containing two pelicans, a scarlet ibis, a vulture and eight monkeys. A lesser mortal might have quailed at such a contingency, but not Mother. On Monday morning I found her in the garage being pursued round and round by an irate pelican which she was trying to feed with sardines from a tin.

‘I’m glad you’ve come, dear,’ she panted; ‘this pelican is a little difficult to handle.’ When I asked her how she knew the animals belonged to me, she replied: ‘Well, of course I knew they were yours, dear; who else would send pelicans to me?’ Which goes to show how well she knows at least one of her family . . .

You can order on our website using the code MOTHERS or do phone the office on 020 7033 0258 between 9.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. where Anna, Faith and Olivia are poised (ribbons in hand) ready to send your present off in time for Sunday.

Buttered Muffins Mug

Our mug is made by Hartley Greens & Co., a small firm with a distinguished history which has been producing its distinctive creamware since 1756. Our mug is in this traditional creamware – a type of earthenware made from white Cornish clay combined with a translucent glaze to produce a delicious pale cream colour. It carries an appropriately bookish quotation – hand-lettered by the distinguished calligrapher and artist, Susie Leiper – and our endpiece of the little fox in SF’s signature dark grey.

£15 inc. UK p&p

Use code MOTHERS for free gift wrap

A Spring Subscription

What gift could be nicer than a whole year of good reading? Buy a subscription for Mothering Sunday and we’ll send the recipient a free copy of our recent Winter issue together with their Spring issue. All lovingly tied up with ribbon together with a hand-written card bearing your message.

From Â£40 inc. UK p&p

Use code MOTHERS for free
winter issue and gift wrap

My Family & Other Animals

In 1935, the Durrell family sold their house and ‘like a flock of migrating swallows’ fled from the depressing grey damp of an English summer to the Mediterranean warmth and colour of Corfu, where they would spend the next five years . . .

From Â£16 inc. UK p&p

Use code MOTHERS for free gift wrap

Cloth-bound Notebook

A good sturdy notebook is surely one of life’s essentials; a place for those vital to-do lists, a repository for Great Thoughts, memorable quotes, notes of books borrowed and lent, important addresses, other people’s recipes – its uses are endless. As a record, too, a notebook is every bit as immediate as a diary – a patchwork of everyday life that, years later, can vividly bring back the essence of a particular moment.

Available in two sizes & four colours.

From £12 inc. UK p&p

Use code MOTHERS for free gift wrap
A Trio of Paperbacks

Delightful to look at, pocket-sized and elegantly produced on good cream paper, our Slightly Foxed Paperbacks make ideal gifts. The list comprises our most popular Slightly Foxed Editions, with titles such as Ysenda Maxtone Graham’s rather unusual and ever popular, Mr Tibbits’s Catholic School, Adrian Bell’s famous rural work, Corduroy, Dodie Smith’s charming and amusing childhood memoir, Look Back with Love and Edward Ardizzone’s delightfully illustrated account of his early years, among others.

From £12 inc. UK p&p each or from £30 as a set of 3

Use code MOTHERS for free gift wrap
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