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A man in a flat-topped cap roller skates in front of a projected background of the ocean at the Shake and Bake Family Fun Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The Localre: Finding America logo is superimposed on the image.

— AIR and Localore: Finding America released an open-source, multimedia documentary at noon today that connects the conversations of neighborhoods across the country. As daily coverage of the presidential election shapes our attention and sense of the nation’s priorities, we share stories and storytellers beyond the margins of political power and headlines.

The collaborative documentary emerges from AIR’s third round of public media research and development initiatives. Over the past year, independent journalists in partnership with public radio and television stations have built productions across the United States.

The 15 participatory projects are united by three qualities: hyperlocal geography; an explicit, shared concern that affects their city, village or town; and a call to invent new, multimedia storytelling models with and for people with whom public media seeks deeper engagement.   

Their work, which will continue to evolve, is gathered at The site is organized around documentary building blocks and introduces visitors to community storytellers in a variety of formats.

These stories are shared as we catch them, with a rich, 50-stream social media feed from across the United States. Explore to find ... [READ MORE]


Five links for your consideration

1. On radio, I want to hear people who…
• lisp
• wheeze
• use computer-generated speech.
Alice Wong on a different way to think about "public radio voice."  (Transom)

2. An artist's "portal" and stories about gun violence connect Milwaukee and Newark. (WUWM)

3. This is bad: 
Journalism & Podcasts ← Flyover Country → Journalism & Podcasts.
Some thoughts on how to fix the coastal concentration of radio and podcast jobs. (Current)

4. Four to five weeks of fully funded international travel for mid-career journalists: Have you applied for an Eisenhower Fellowship yet? (AIR's grants, fellowships and awards list)

5. What did you want to say? One New Message picks up where voicemail hangs up. (Podbean)


You're only as good as your last pitch

Boxer mike Tyson attempts to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game and appears never to have thrown a ball in his life.What have you pitched lately, and to whom? AIR's Pitch Page has resources for everyone who wants to make and sell great stories.

For the legally minded, may we recommend "The Life of the Law"? Check it out:

Life of the Law (updated 2016)
Life of the Law is a national podcast that explores law and its effect on people and society with a curious, critical eye.
Themes we consider: sex, money, health, environment, love, science, culture, justice, design…and law. We release a new episode every two weeks on Panoply (Slate’s network of podcasts) and our team regularly accepts pitches from experienced reporters on a rolling basis.
Before you pitch, listen to a few of our stories. Then, tell us a story. We aren’t looking for a “traditional public radio voice” — we want your voice. The pitch doesn’t need to be long (two to three paragraphs are enough), but it must include a strong, central character, first stage reporting (sources, research, national impact, newsworthiness) and scenes that will propel the story and compel us to listen.
Be sure to include two links to your published stories so we can get a sense of your reporting.
We have an open time frame, with most feature reports coming in at around 15-25 minutes (but they can go as long as the story is strong); we publish every two weeks
compensation: $1,000-$1,600, depending on length, level of experience, and depth ofreporting.
segments: 15-25 minutes; we publish every two weeks
compensation: $1,000-$1,600, depending on length, level of experience, and depth of report
pitch: By email preferred:
contact: Nancy Mullane, executive producer
address: 2001 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115
phone: 415.250.5459

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