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Process improvement, best practices, first in class. The prevailing belief is that operations management is the way forward- that it's how we improve​. The bad news is that while this may have been true in 1975, it definitely isn't the case today.

​In 2016, all the really big winners in the business​ world are driven by something much greater than their best practices. Best practices may be the outcome, but at their core, they manage to sync up intellect and desire. They not only have the ability, but the will to win. It is our will, our drive, our emotional connection, which propels us towards being truly world-changing. 

​When we say that nothing happens until somebody feels something, that is what we mean. You don't get to be the best at anything without a burning desire. This applies to that culture change project, process improvement initiative... all of it.

Attach emotion to logic and anything is possible. 

​Your​ challenge is connecting emotion to basic business functions. The white paper, the internal email​, message from HR. Can you connect with people emotionally? You bet you can.

Try it, you'll get a lot more of what you are looking for.

Bonus LinkI'll Have What She's Having, co-written by our friend, Mark Earls, will tell you everything you need to know on the subject.
Mark's other book Copy Copy Copy, is also worthwhile read.​

transform your work space with meaning, purpose & inspiration

People become the ideas that surround them.
As a tactic to create change at a collective level, the use of art is as old as civilization itself. Cathedrals, monuments, statues and frescoes, all designed to remind people of deeply held beliefs.

We tap into that power when we create compelling, emotional office environments.

We call them “Immersive Spaces”.

They can be offices, conference rooms, hospitals, or even entire buildings.

Taking a page from the ancients, they are carefully curated and 
designed to connect people emotionally to their work;  
designed to affect real, immediate change.
contact us to learn more about transforming your space
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