A first look at some clips from JIMMY IN SAIGON. 
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Jimmy In Saigon

A Documentary by Peter McDowell
You can help make a difference by the end of this year!

Most of you know that I'm making a documentary film about the life of my brother, James Austin McDowell (1948-1972). I've been working on this project for several years now, at a slow and cautious pace, but am beginning to step up my work with the assistance of a crew and will soon have some edited footage to show.

For those of you who don't know, there is a brief initial informational video, at the bottom of this email that explains the project. I am the youngest of six children, and my eldest brother Jim was 19 years older than me. He died as a civilian in 1972 in Saigon, Vietnam when I was 5 years old. Over the years, I have become fascinated with his life story and have sought to meet and interview everyone around the world who knew him during his short life.

Now, here are two brief clips: one of my mother, Ellen McDowell, talking about aspects of Jim's personality, and one by Diep, a friend of Jim's from Saigon, talking about his final year in Viet Nam.

I invite you to join our generous and pioneering team of initial donors and give generously before the end of this calendar year. Your support will help us with the enormous costs of bringing a film crew to Saigon, which we hope to do by the end of 2015. Additional costs of further travel, logging, editing, equipment, personnel, and research for this project will be extensive and will only be possible through the generosity of supporters. 

I am very grateful to our pioneering first wave of donors, which includes James Barham, John Attebury, Leah Zagreus, Adam Singer, Liz Paley, David Sauer, Audrey Wells, and John Atorino. Won't you consider joining them and donate $100 or more to this project?

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Below are some initial raw clips, with no video or audio editing yet, including an interview with Diep Vu Thing Ngoc, who currently lives in Paris and knew my brother in Saigon in 1972; and an interview with our mother, Ellen McDowell, who speaks with me about some of Jim's qualities:

SPECIAL THANKS to Erin Harper, camerawork for Diep interview; to Steve Delisi, editor for fundraising trailer; and to Imre Treviño, logging and research editor for this project.

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