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Leadership Council recommends two alternatives for further study

On December 17, 2013, the Oregon Passenger Rail Leadership Council made a recommendation to the Federal Railroad Administration on which rail route alternatives should receive more detailed study in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

The recommendation includes two primary routes.  Alternative 1 (shown in blue below) is the existing corridor that assumes major infrastructure investment and shadows the current Amtrak service alignment.  Alternative 2 (shown in orange below) is a hybrid alternative that is a combination of preliminary alternatives routes: starting with Interstate 5 (formerly red) from Eugene-Springfield to Keizer, moving to the Oregon Electric rail line (formerly purple) from Keizer to Wilsonville, returning to Interstate 5 and then 205 (formerly red) between Wilsonville and Oregon City where it would merge with Alternative 1 (blue).

The recommendations include a number of considerations, including the technical evaluation findings, guidance from the Federal Railroad Administration, maintenance considerations, and feedback from agency stakeholders and the broad public.
Recommendations Map
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How were the alternatives developed?

In early 2013, the project team developed a set of preliminary alternatives after extensive stakeholder engagement and development of conceptual solutions. In November, a series of open houses was held along the rail corridor to collect additional feedback from interested citizens. A summary of citizen comments was presented to the Leadership Council on Dec. 17.

Additional Leadership Council Recommendations

In addition to recommending two alternatives for further study, the Leadership Council advised the team to study two additional items:
  • While a longer tunnel option in Section C has been eliminated from further consideration, the project team will examine a shorter 7.5 mile tunnel concept in the Portland area. This concept will run through the screening process and if it passes, it will go through the alternative evaluation process. The results of this analysis will be available later this spring.              
  • A joint team of members from the Leadership Council and Oregon State Rail Plan is being convened to discuss the long-term vision for passenger rail in Oregon.  This four-month planning effort will develop a conceptual high speed rail corridor and identify basic actions needed to move that effort forward.
Contact Information:
Jill Pearson, ODOT Stakeholder Engagement Strategist,
(503) 986-3313,

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